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Cambelt Replacement

Ebbett Škoda is your Škoda service specialist

If your vehicle is over 6 years or has done over 120,000kms, we would recommend having your cambelt replaced to mitigate the risk of a potential failure.

Why do I need my Cambelt replaced?

Your cambelt ensures the engine runs correctly by ensuring the camshaft and crankshaft in the engine remain aligned. The Cambelt, is made from reinforced rubber, and is tensioned between a series of pulleys and tensioners, making sure that the belt does not slip and that it remains aligned, for optimum engine performance. Some Skoda vehicles have a timing chain that replaces the cambelt. Timing chains are more reliable and therefore need replacing less often, but are more complicated to replace if they become damaged.

Without a well-functioning cambelt, your engine performs poorly or may even stop. A damaged or non-functioning cambelt can cause other damage to the engine and leave you with a far greater repair bill than the cambelt alone.

How do you know when it is time to replace your Skoda's Cambelt?

Here at Ebbett Skoda we recommend our customers have their Cambelts replaced if the vehicle is 6yrs and older, or if it's reached over 120,000kms. Cambelts are a common repair. As belts deteriorate from engine heat, age or general wear and tear, they are likely to begin making a squeaking noise in the engine bay. In some cases the engine may develop a slight vibration if the cambelt is out of sync. If this happens before your vehicle is of age or reached the predicted mileage recommendation, bring it in as some vehicle's wear and tear is greater/lesser than others.

What happens during a Cambelt Replacement?

Our technicians will first remove any covers or accessories so that they can access the cambelt. Once removed, they will need to loosen then remove the tensioner and idler pulley, then eventually the cambelt.

While the cambelt is off, our Skoda technicians will take a look at the water pump. The water pump often runs off the cambelt, and it is recommended to replace it during this process to avoid duplication of costs later on.

Once this is completed the Skoda technician will replace the cambelt with a new one, then reinstall the tensioner, idler pulleys and any covers removed to gain access. Please note, the cost of the cambelt increase if the tensioner or idler pulleys also need replacing. If this is the case our Skoda Service advisors will give you a ring and talk through this. Finally, our Skoda technicians will test the engine is operating properly.

Is driving with a broken cambelt unsafe?

The Cambelt is a critical engine component that your Skoda needs to operate. The risk of this breaking and causing massive damage to your vehicle is very real, and it's important the scheduled replacement is adhered to based on factory recommendations.

Talk with our team today or book your cambelt replacement now.