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Roadside assistance

We want every Škoda driver to have peace of mind on the road

If your Škoda is immobilised for any reason, call 0800 756 322 to get back on the road.

All Škodas purchased new from Ebbett Škoda Hamilton and Rotorua are covered free of charge for the period of the warranty. Škoda Roadside Assistance is operated in conjunction with First Assistance, the leading supplier of first line assistance services.

Call now 0800 756 322

We plan for the unexpected

You can count on Škoda Roadside Assistance in the following situations and more. Anytime, anywhere in New Zealand.

  • You’re stranded and need to get home
  • Your battery goes flat
  • Your windscreen shatters
  • You accidentally run out of fuel
  • You have a flat tyre
  • You lose or break your key, or lock it in the car
  • You require medical or personal assistance

How Roadside Assistance helps

If you need assistance far away from home, if your vehicle breaks down 100kms or more from home, and it cannot be reasonably repaired within 24 hours, we will provide the following:

Vehicle recovery

We will transport your vehicle to the nearest authorised Škoda dealer. If you are towing a boat, caravan or trailer that can be transported using the same recovery vehicle dispatched for your Škoda, we will transport the attachment for free. If another recovery vehicle or second trip is required, we can transport the attachment at your own expense.

Emergency accommodation

We will provide up to three nights accommodation for you and those travelling with you (up to a maximum of $120 per night, incl GST).

Alternative transportation

We will arrange for alternative ground transport to help you and any travel companions return home or reach your next destination within New Zealand. This can include a rental car for a maximum of three days (up to $120 per day, incl. GST) or a taxi up to a cost of $50, incl. GST. We will provide a combination of alternative transport and accommodation up to a maximum overall value of $360, incl. GST.

For breakdowns within 100kms of home or if the vehicle can be repaired within 24 hours, elements of the Škoda Roadside Assistance may not apply. Representatives at 0800 756 322 will advise how Škoda can best assist you in having your vehicle repaired or recovered.