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Superb iV

With all-electric range up to 62km and long distance capability up to 930km

Style and Sportline

From $79,990* +ORC

*This vehicle is eligible for NZ Govt. Clean Car rebate of $4,025*.

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Based on Superb iV Style. Superb iV Sportline is cost neutral.

Introducing the new Superb iV

The Superb iV is the first Škoda model to feature plug-in hybrid drive. With two hearts beating under its bonnet, the Superb iV features a plug-in hybrid drive that delivers system power up to 160kW and an all-electric range up to 62km*. The Superb iV allows for particularly sustainable mobility without compromising dynamism. Available in wagon as Style or Sportline variants, the Superb iV comes with all the Simply Clever design, safety and connectivity features as it’s petrol engine equivalents.


Build your own Superb plug-in hybrid

To see what colours, wheels, interior and engines are available, configure your car here.

Highlights of the Superb iV

Prepared for any situation

To commute to work in the city in silence and comfort, use the electric drive with a WLTP-verified range of up to 62km, which releases no emissions into the streets. For longer business trips, out-of-town excursions or holidays, you'll appreciate the petrol engine and 50 litre tank with a range up to 930km.

Introducing the plug-in hybrid powertrain

The Škoda Superb iV’s bonnet conceals an advanced plug-in hybrid powertrain combining the best of electric and conventional cars for an eco-friendly yet dynamic drive. The drive system combining a petrol engine and electric motor delivers maximum system power of 160kW and torque of up to 400Nm. All of this with CO2 emissions of less than 40g/km.

Convenient charging

The Superb iV’s battery can be charged from the mains after connecting a charging cable. A flat battery can be recharged in approximately 5-7 hours with a standard 230V household plug socket. Another possibility is to recharge or maintain the level of charge in the battery while driving, using the petrol engine and brake energy recovery.

Room for everything important

Despite the installation of the battery in front of the rear axle, the Škoda Superb iV remains an impressive executive car with exquisite comfort for all passengers and a big luggage compartment. The 485 l boot capacity offers outstanding practicality and great utility, with easy access another given.

Brake energy regeneration

The Superb iV is fitted with brake engine regeneration that slows down the car when the brake pedal is depressed, and the accelerator is released, and stores the energy that has been recovered back in the vehicle battery. The regenerative braking intensity can be set at multiple levels.

Latest-generation infotainment system

The Superb iV’s advanced connectivity will make everyday use of the car easier and provide you with all the support you need to make it to your destination in time and in comfort.


    1.4 TSI 160 kW 6-Speed DSG

    Wagon Style, Wagon Sportline
    Combined consumption 2
    Combined consumption 2
    CO2 2
    39 - 44
    CO2 emission 3
    Top speed
    6-Speed DSG
    PHEV Consumption Combined
    s to 100 km/h
    Max torque
    Fuel Type
    CO2 emission combined
    Range up to
    Battery capacity
    Charging time AC 7.2kW 100%
    H:mm (13:30)

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